GL Networks handles your parcel delivery with the professionalism and thoroughness that you can expect from the leading logistics supplier in the world.

No matter the size of your shipment, Logisco is committed to getting it where it needs to go. With GL Networks, we handle your parcel delivery like any other major freight shipment — thoroughly and professionally.

Using GL Networks is easy. We deliver packages up to 50kg, anywhere in USA & Europe all you must do is place a single order with your local Logisco office. With just one booking, we will collect your shipment​​​​​​​ in a single vehicle at your location, and track it with a single tracking system. Following your package from start to finish. Partnership is an over-used word, but it does go some way to describing our customer-focused services. We strive to bring much more to the relationship than simply a means of reaching your customers across the that meet the needs of today and enable the opportunities of tomorrow.

Dry Van

Anything and Evrything over the road, GLN can help at a momnet’s notice


Access our network of partial carriers looking to fill their capacity with your shipment.


When your freight is on a restricted timeline, we’re ready and willing to find a solution.


From standard flatbeds to specialized equipment, there is no load or project we can’t handle.


From standard flatbeds to specialized equipment, there is no load or project we can’t handle.

Intermodal & Rail

Utilize this cost-effective alternative to over-the road transportation


We understand that your refrigerated freight requires extra attention, and we have the network to do so.


Negotiated pricing with the best regional and national carriers.


Providing 3 types of logistics services according to the volume and type of shipment of business.


LTL (Less Than Truckload Service)

GLN’s LTL delivery service is fast and reliable as a day-to-day (hotshot) delivery, 24 hours delivery, and 2 to 3 days delivery service.

We’ll ship your goods to any area where you can ship, regardless of the size of your shipment, from your nearest location to long distance delivery, in the shortest possible time.

FTL (Full Truck Load Service)

GLN’s FTL service ensures fast and secure delivery of customer’s goods and provides the best customer service with a special mindset that does not limit customer needs.

  • Support truck transport across U.S. and across Canada and Mexico in a wide range of cross-border areas.
  • Provides a service to deliver to the customer’s final destination
About Us

Milk Run

(Shuttling Service Within Certain Range)

To meet the needs of our customers, we are doing our best to satisfy our customers who need regular delivery by delivering goods that need to be delivered every day at the same time every day (up to 100 MILES).

Integrated Supply Chain Solution

With our integrated supply chain solution, you can:

  • System management via 3PL integrated information system.
  • Efficient provision of logistics using U.S. global logistics bases.
  • Provides a higher level of packaging service for bar coding, labeling, distribution, and processing.