Equipment Information

With a variety of new high-grade trailers and configurations in our fleet, GL Nettworks can provide the most ideal equipment for your specific load requirements, from 1,000 to more than 400,000 lbs.

Available Equipment

48' Curtainside Drop Deck Trailer
Flatbed Trailer
Flatbed Stretch Trailer
48' Curtainside Drop Deck Trailer
Drop Deck Trailer
Extendible Drop Deck, Tri or Quad Axle Trailer
48' Curtainside Lowboy Trailer
Extendable Lowboy Trailer
Lowboy Tandem, Tri, or Quad Axle Trailer
Lowboy Minideck Trailer
Flat and Depressed Well 9 Axle Trailer
11 Axle Lowboy Trailer
Flat and Depressed Well 9 Axle Trailer
12 Axle Drop Deck Trailer
Flat and Depressed Well 13 Axle Trailer
Flat and Drepressed Well 19 Axle Trailer
Depressed Well Dual Lane Trailer
Hydraulic Stepdeck Trailer

Flatbed Trailers

Depending on dimensions, GL Networks flatbed trailers are extendable and have varying capacities to accommodate your unique shipments – whatever they may be. Our fleet includes:

  • Tandem and tri-axle flatbeds
  • Step decks
  • Double drops
  • Low boys
  • Extendable Options
  • Specialty trailers

Multi-Axle Trailers

GL Networks offers a wide array of multi-axle equipment for larger, more complicated moves like Heavy Haul and Over-Dimensional projects. With our extensive Multi-Axle Fleet , we can provide numerous pieces of multi-axle equipment for one project. All to save you loading and delivery time, as well as costs.